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tyler dissin you


Regular Show - Thomas Fights Back (Sneak Peek)

Thomas wants to get the park founder’s statue back.

It airs July 24th at 7:30/6:30C on Cartoon Network.

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rigleen is so close to becoming canon I can almost taste it


Anonymous asked:

What do you think? CJ or margaret? If you've already posted then sorry


Well I always liked Margaret as a character and I think I enjoy the interactions between Margaret and Mordecai better than I do the ones with Mordecai and CJ. It also feels like this thing with CJ happened all so quick. I’ve always liked the idea of CJ and Thomas too. I like seeing the character development of Mordecai though through all of this.


mwil15 asked:

I am obsessed with the regular show but this one thing has been making me insane with the more recent episodes.. WHAT IS CJ. A cloud? What the fuck


Haha, yeah. She’s just a cloud. It’s not that unusual compared to a gumball machine park manager and immortal yeti groundskeeper.